How To Play

Two players attempt to score points by taking turns flicking a single game-chip across the game board into the opposing player’s end zone. First player to score five times wins!



PENALTIES: Should the game-chip ever leave the game board, or come to rest somewhere other than the playing surface (such as on top of or even partially leaning on one of the game board edges or goal line barriers); the other player receives TWO flicks from the approximate area where it left the game board/playing surface. ALTERNATIVE WAY TO PLAY - same rules as above, but...
Whenever a player hits a peg with the game-chip it becomes the other player’s turn and they get TWO flicks from where the game-chip came to rest. *Should the game-chip first hit a peg, and then come to rest in the opponent’s end zone - it is a Touchdown!


Basic Gameplay

(GIF 1)
Play begins with one player flicking the game-chip from anywhere behind their own 35 yard line toward the opposing team’s end zone. The other player then takes their turn from where the chip came to rest.

(GIF 2)
Should the chip cross the opponent’s goal line, it is considered a ‘Touchback’ and the opposing player begins with the chip from anywhere behind their own 20 yard line.

(GIF 3)
If the game-chip leaves the board, or comes to rest on anything other than the playing surface, it is a penalty - see PENALTIES. Play continues with each player getting ONE flick on their turn until someone scores. Whoever scores then kicks off, and gameplay is repeated until the a winner is determined.


The chip just needs to break the opponent’s white goal line for a score. However, it must do so by remaining flat against the game board as it crosses into the end zone – it MAY NOT ‘JUMP’ the goal line barriers.

Should the chip jump over and into the end zone, the opponent receives TWO flicks from the one yard line near where this occurred - see PENALTIES.

*If it is obvious the game-chip first crossed the goal line and entered the end zone, then ricochets back into the field of play or even jumps off the board, it is still a Touchdown. Also, if a player accidentally scores on themselves, a point is awarded to the other team, and the other team kicks off.

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