How To Play:
Flickboards Basketball

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Getting Started: The Basics

 A player begins by placing the chip anywhere behind their own baseline. The player then gets TWO flicks to try to score the chip into their opponent’s hoop. Each flick is taken from where the chip had previously landed. 

Play continues with each player getting TWO flicks until someone does one of the following: A) goes OUT OF BOUNDS
B) gets a FAST BREAK

A) Out Of Bounds

If at anytime any part of the chip goes beyond either team’s baseline, the chip is placed behind the nearest baseline, and the other player then receives a bonus flick - giving them THREE flicks in a row. 

Should the chip come to rest partially or completely off the game board OR lands on top of a backboard, the other player places the chip near the area it left the board and gets THREE flicks in a row. 

B) Fast Break

If a player misses a 2-point attempt on the last flick of their possession, the other player recieves a bonus flick - giving them a “Fast Break” and THREE flicks in a row. 

*There is no Fast Break for a missed 3-point attempt. 

C) Scoring

If a player sinks the chip in the opponent’s hoop they score either 2 or 3 points - just like in basketball. 

B) Fast Break